If you're looking for the Roanoke Region’s best selection of sweet, juicy peaches, then you need to come to Ikenberry Orchards where we harvest 10 delicious varieties each summer. Grab one of each, mix and match, or just pick whatever looks best!

Peach season begins at the end of June or beginning of July!


Our peaches are spot picked so they’re as ripe as we can handle them without bruising. To finish ripening, hold at room temperature or about 70 degrees until they reach desired ripeness. To delay ripening, keep in a refrigerator.

We can help you find a type of peach that meets your specifications for texture and taste.  Varieties of ours like the Cresthaven are juicy, yellow, relatively resilient, and great for canning. If you’re looking for a white peach with an unforgettably soft, sweet texture, then you should try the White Lady. Their low acidity and a full-bodied flavor make them a memorable variety and a favorite of many. An equally delicious yellow variety is the Bellaire. The Bellaire is good on its own, baked into a pie, or canned to be saved for a later date. The Bellaire is the perfect peach to cook with as it’s chock full of peachy flavor!